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H.E.L.P. was framed in out of a frustrating attempt to volunteer at the local soup kitchen in San Diego. After about an hour of research and multiple phone calls Jamie realized the process required too much investigating, lacked clarity and was ultimately painful! This was the start, the moment when H.E.L.P. came into existence - due to the realization that millions of potential volunteers have felt discouraged by this laborsome process. Volunteering desperately needed a new platform to communicate with the community and the solution needed to be simple, efficient and enjoyable. Jamie knew of many people out there who had the same passion to give back but didn't know where to start or who to contact. So in November 2015, H.E.L.P. was created!

Team H.E.L.P.

Carolyn Tucker

Carolyn joined in launching H.E.L.P with the realization that there were many people out there that shared the same passion, but they were unable to get connected to the needs or opportunities to volunteer. Carolyn’s dynamic experience and heart for helping others will be paving stones as they embark on this journey to bridge the gap between people in need, and those whose hearts are willing. Carolyn truly does believe "it is better to give than to receive."
Carolyn Tucker, born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, has always had a passion for people and helping others in her community. Whether it is organizing hygiene kit drives for the homeless, taking on meal support at a winter shelter, building homes for those in need in Mexico, or something more routine as her leadership role in children’s ministry at her church, she has been actively giving back as a foundation of who she is. Carolyn balances being a mother of three beautiful children and enjoying volunteering at their school and activities, with the demanding responsibility of being a successful entrepreneur.

Jamie Roberts

"I want people to see how important it is to think ouside of themselves, to escape their comfort zone and to love the unloved. Our sole purpose is to love our neighbors as ourselves and our desire is for H.E.L.P. to make it a little easier. I want H.E.L.P. to make volunteering efficient, fun and easy."
Jamie grew up in the accounting world working for fashion brands like Oneill, James Perse and St. John Knits. While she loved the excitement of the fashion industry, her heart burned for a deeper calling, the kind of calling that involves hard work, laughter, joy and people coming together. This burning desire was born out of first hand ministry experiences in Mexico and our very own Skid Row. The voiceless needed a voice, the non-profits needed a platform and the community needed visiblity!

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